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A About Us: What’s Bixdoo

Smart business
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dashboard stories

C01 We think by making connections: between neurons, concepts, experiences and people.

D02 We innovate by discovering new intersections: between methods, cultures, industries and technologies.

S03 We spark change by understanding the forces transforming the world


A spark is a dashboard story:
a report on a key business topic or world event that looks for intersections between disciplines and formats.

Sparks come to life as a mix of words, graphics and videos presenting facts, companies, people to know, government actions, essential reads, products, trends and lessons.
Sparks are tools to think laterally and expand ideas

02Business Profile & Bixcard

Business profiles depict a company in a gorgeous dashboard form, quickly showing you why that company is worth your time. They feature a Bixcard, that gives you a quick review of key data in a video card.

All companies in Bixdoo are BindeX qualified, meaning they show ability to innovate, grow and attract customers and investors.

Profiles are free for qualifying companies → Get your Bixdoo Profile and share it to propel business

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03Why we’re doing this

The real power of connections and information depends on relevance. Time is precious and we need to know who and what to trust.

Mainstream platforms lowered the barriers to spread information. However, that information has been increasingly difficult to manage, with businesses needing to be proficient communicators, marketers and advertisers to enjoy the perks.

There are key businesses, organizations, people and ideas that need to be connected without playing the mainstream game.

We are here to spark action

04How we do it


The massive momentum of platforms and algorithms has forced business to play by a set of rules if they want to get reliable information and be within reach. Irrelevant data and connections flourish, and it’s increasingly harder to discover the right opportunities. By distilling information and classifying companies using our own frameworks, we bring relevance back to the table


The Bixdoo Index: BindeX validates a business ability to produce innovation, deliver realiably to their customers and project itself into the future. All organisations featured in Bixdoo are BindeX compliant, producing a platform for relevant connections with possible customers, partners, investors and media outlets.

Dashboard Storytelling

Actionable information to navigate a new world has to come in a unique format. Dashboards have been used in business for decades to track key data. Mixing them with the logic of stories, we create beautiful reports and profiles that speed up learning and decision making and are easier to remember


Innovation is based on intersections, the crossing of data and expertise from different areas. But also, understanding a subject or a company is reliant on intersections: you need to know the background, the science, the people behind it, the market… by fostering them, Bixdoo pushes innovative ideas and a deeper knowledge

05Who we are

Looking to mix value in new forms and foster intersections, our team of nerds and creatives in different areas are producing new ways to expand knowledge and connections

Founder & Director
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Ana Clara





06What we do for brands

We partner with brands, agencies and publishers that need to explain complex things in a new way and search for intersections

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→ Create digital media to spread knowledge to their audiences, including short documentaries and videos

→ Develop branded content for media platforms, including business and product reviews

Connect customers with disruptive, validated startups and established companies to do business