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For the curious, the nerds, the global minded

01Why work here

We´re doing this out of our passion, so we strive to create a place where you can feel good: work and relax at your own pace, take personal time to be fully on when you need it and scream your most crazy ideas, as we are here to disrupt how business are done in the world.

We know how important it is to be comfortable where you work. After all, it’s a huge part of our lives. So we want to make it better.

02Our mission

We work to create a platform to connect innovative business, radically improve how they learn and get them inspired. We help companies stop wasting time and get value out of their interaction with out products


AContent Producer

Remote | Producers are the key to Bixdoo’s approach to intersections, combining research abilities to dig deep into subjects in a multidisciplinary way and designer’s tools to shape our sparks. They also bring ideas to produce new formats.

BFilm/media Producer

We’re looking for a video producer with knowledge on filming and editing, and a curious mind to condense complex subjects. Creative individuals have an opportunity to look for new angles and storytelling techniques in short form.

CGrowth Strategist

Our growth strategist will find new keys to increase our reach in close collaboration with our producers and developers. The mission is to leverage our organic growth with quick experiments. Understanding of statistics is a plus.


A key part of our mission is to deliver the smartest tech to our users. We’re looking for a full stack developers focused on Python, ReactJS and the future, being able to research potential technology.


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