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 Buenos Aires, Argentina



What's this?

B Basics


Posta is a podcast network producing original content to lead the charge for the on demand audio battle in Latin America


01Offices in Buenos Aires, Argentina



Founding year


Luciano Banchero


Diego Dell’Agostino

K Keys

Following the series playbook to foster growth in a new market


Quality and personality

Each episode is a high quality product in contrast to the amateur style flooding the market, with each show having it’s own branding and personality


04Cultivate niches

Niche themes allows Posta to foster quality audiences with clear demographics and a strong engagement


02Attract users with the series logic to create habits

They emulated the episodes and seasons logic, providing regularity to content and a clear launch date to switch from the radio tradition

P Products

Besides a growing production of shows mixing pop culture, lifestyle and humor, Posta creates content for big brands


Branded Content

Content are free to access, as they continue to push the podcast growth in the latin culture. Services to brands include production, story design and localization of content.


Original Shows

As a new synonym for podcast production in the Latam region, Posta has a strong brand and experience to back it up. An ethics based on creating unique content is key to maintain curious audiences engage and surprise.

B The Biz

The problem 

With an undeveloped market in Latin America and rising demand, there were few professional players on the podcast scene

The biz model 

05A media platform/agency model

Their original productions lead to creating a closed platform model, with monetization coming through brand productions.

This resulted in a suitable approach for a growing market, as ads require bigger audiences, crowdfunding works best for one product at a time and subscription models put friction on people to consume.


08Tools to create and manage

Posta uses Slack for team communication, Google Drive for docs and spreadsheets and Hinderburg for editing, as is focused on podcast production. To listen to new content, they choose Pocket Casts.


“We’re all nerds of something”

—Luciano Banchero

C Customers

07The first target audience was millenials, with podcasts on pop topics like series and movies

Fully Engaged 

Multitasking + Engagement

Podcast are a good match for the attention economy, as they can be listen to while multitasking. 80% of the audience listens the full episodes, with a duration that goes from some minutes to an hour.

Gender balanced 

Equality and variety

Posta managed to balance their audience with a rich catalog, having more female users than average and a wide range of topics.

Binge Listening 

Netflix logic in podcast

Working on market development, they studied on demand content consumption to attract new users and have a Netflix like experience, giving each show it’s own branding and personality

The customers 

Podcasts for the big ones

They worked with companies like Samsung, La Nacion, Spotify, VICE, Chevrolet, Microsoft, Oracle, HBO, Motorola and National Geographic.

M The Market

The Latin Market 

A big opportunity

Latin America is becoming the fastest growing podcast market in the world — Argentina’s has a strong creative market, being well known for it’s advertising and film industry. That capacity could foster new incumbents filling the niches left by Spotify and Apple.

Top growth in podcast listeners, 2019  

ATop podcast markets growth in 2019 


11Bigger brands are jumping in

As audience grows and engagement is high with quality segments, more companies are creating their own podcasts or placing branded content in popular shows. ROI for brand awareness is high in this hyper-targeted spaces.
Big names can also skip the representation break down between traditional media and young people through this more genuine approach.


Ira Glass

Banchero is a big fan of Ira Glass show This American Life, recognised as one of the first ones to really advance storytelling. They created SERIAL, the first worldwide podcast hit show based on true crime stories.

P The People

With the goal of growing the market and make professional productions, Posta started by creating original content to develop a community in Argentina


Luciano Banchero

Host, Producer, Entrepreneur

Journalist and broadcaster, he hosts a show in one of Argentina’s main stations, Metro 951. He specializes in pop culture and the interaction between humans and technology. It’s the author of “Futuro Pop”, a book about possible futures within our reach

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The Book Futuro Pop
by Luciano Banchero


Diego Dell’Agostino

Coder, marketer, teacher

Diego has a background in coding, business development and is in charge of the Advance Digital Marketing course in a leading school.