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Bixdoo is a platform that delivers business insights and smart companies in dashboard stories


Bixdoo it’s a tool for smart people doing business and creating things in the 21st century

A01 No noise, no BS. Bixdoo created the Dashboard Storytelling to transform actionable information into a format that conveys knowledge quickly and helps decision making

B02 We are focused on bringing back relevance: all companies are screened with our BindeX framework so you know they’re worth your time

C03 We look for intersections by crossing data and expertise from different areas, making innovative ideas easier

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For press enquiries, interviews, collaborations and further information contact Ana Clara at

We’re happy to assist with any media requests and will do our very best to accommodate and send you whatever you need

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Our brand, without the words. Use only if you have to.

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Use this photos if you need to illustrate your article or refer to the platform in any way. If you need special content from us, just email Ana Clara at


Patricio Zubiri is the founder and director of Bixdoo. With a mixed background in medicine, aviation and business, before Bixdoo he worked helping companies in many industries sell and communicate in Europe and Latin America.

At 17, Patricio created an online platform for commercial aviation while entering med school. Some years later, he was a marketing and business consultant. He speaks english and spanish and is obsessed with flying, consuming books and running.

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